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Level 0 Accreditation Course (April)

  • 04/04/2017
  • Macquarie Ice Rink
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  • Course Fee: $150
    NSWPSA Membership fee includes the following;
    Junior Membership (inclusive of ASC fee): $40
    Affiliation: $30
    Insurance: $45

    Total $265

Registration is closed

Level 0 Accreditation Course

Sport Specific Course Level 0 Accreditation Requirements

for more information about requirements please visit the APSA website.

PURPOSE - To equip coaches with the skills and knowledge necessary to coach through to Aussie Skate level.

  • You must be 14 years of age or over and display a satisfactory level of maturity.
  • Level 0 Accreditation will only qualify you to coach Skating School group classes.
  • The ASC Beginner General Principles course must be completed and passed prior to attending the Sports Specific course. 5 Hour course online at www.ausport.gov.au
  • APSA is the course provider of the Sports Specific component of Level 0 accreditation, which is a one-day on and off ice course covering the basics of coaching Aussie Skate Classes.
  • You will need to supply a copy of your ISA Test Certificate/s showing a minimum level of ISA Preliminary.
  • Participants must be members of an APSA State Member in the Junior Coach category. (Application for membership is integrated as part of your course application and membership is activated upon successful completion of the course)
  • Participants must be current financial members of Ice Skating Australia though their affiliated State Member.
  • Participants over the age of 18 must supply a Certificate showing that a police check has been conducted for the purposes of Working with Children
  • Level 0 accredited Figure Skating Coaches will be required to earn a minimum of 5 update points per calendar year to maintain their accreditation
  • All APSA affiliated Junior Coaches having qualified for Level 0 accreditation will be covered under APSA’s insurance policy whilst coaching group classes
  • All Junior Coaches will be expected to abide by the ASC’s Code of Behaviour and APSA’s Code of Ethics. 

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